Newbodome Construction reaches Seacombe Ferry

by out architectural correspondent Wade Bridge

Wirral's huge Newbodome, the biggest underglass peninsula in the world, has surpassed previous expectations by covering most of the area from New Brighton to Seacombe Ferry.

Neptune Developments are impatient to keep ahead of schedule and plan to have all of their 240,000 construction crew working 24/7 over the holidays. Rob Taxpayer, ND spokesman, exhaled with sanctimony as he excitedly relished his company's success to date. 'Neptune have exceeded its wildest expectations,' he gushed . 'We're already 50 years ahead of schedule but we don't want to become complacent. We aim to reach Rock Ferry by Tuesday lunch!'

Residents living along the Employment Corridor have been told to buy their own hard hats since over 20,000 Romanian double-glazing and loft insulation specialists have fallen to their deaths from the gigantic dome recently.

22 year-old Lloyd Bridge suffered severe cranial discomfort when a plummeting solar panel engineer fell on him when his harness (£12.99 Arsog DIY department) broke. Lloyd is recovering well at home and will leave intensive care on Friday.