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Evil librarians look out! Hitting cinema's December 24th is the book busting adventure of Captain Forks and the Underwater Library.

Captain Forks and the Underwater Library thrusts several "name" actors into the specialised world of Fat Packet. Packet, who has been writing science fiction ever since he teamed up with Rob Taxpaper, of Neptune Industries, directs this acclaimed sequel. Six Somalian shipwreck victims are rescued by a modernistic submarine containing strange 'W' markings.

The skipper is Captain Forks (Cllr Gary Forks), who had not died at the end of ‘20,000 Protestors at the end of the street’ as viewers had been led to believe. Instead, he has installed a fantastic underwater library, with swimming facilities, using this subterranean metropolis as a base of operations for his war against mankind.

Premier screening at Warner Village, Birkenhead or download it from our Wayne's torrent server, now.