Pete Pric to sue internet

Wirral talk show DJ and friend to the C list stars is taking legal action against a blogger who has ‘hijacked’ his jokes.

The secret diary of Pete Pric caused the veteran talk show host to cancel his latest book tour because of terror threats from angry celebs.

“How can this low life scum get away with this? It’s taken me years to build my professional reputation up to what it is.

This saddo is insulting my friends and needs to get a life before I knock him out.” Pete said from his New Brighton riverside penthouse above the new Floral Pavilion. He added “I can’t even work a phone box let alone a blog. On my radio show all I do is fiddle with knobs, but I don’t know what the hell they do!”

The blog, which is causing outrage among Liverpool’s celebrity ligga’s, caused controversy when many members of Liverpool’s elite believed it to be true.

Pete Pric has enlisted the help of celebrity law firm Letts, Fleecem & Spendit who are no strangers to satirical web logs.

“Pete has notified us of this libelous site and we are taking action in the county courts to sue the internet. At this stage we can’t say anything more other than Peter is really upset and wants’ to be left alone.” Said Mr Lets.

Do you know who the secret blogger is? Contact the Wirral Groan