TV Tough Guy takes on Wirral Street Gangs

by our celebrity correspondent Neil Spredham

Tough-talking, gut-punching superstar and ex-Eastenders hard man Rugg Thump visited Wallasey today to film the first part of his TV documentary series.

The show, Rugg Thump on Gangs (for QVC's Terror Channel), is part of a three-part series on elderly gangs who terrorise the young and frail and sell drugs outside community centres. In this hard-hitting expose, Thump enters the twilight world of the street grans and confronts the fear they create within our vulnerable communities.

During the last decade, the rising numbers of elderly in places like Wallasey have given rise to a surge in over 60's street gangs, with names such as The Oxton Octenagarians and the PPP (Poulton Pensioner Possee) striking terror into local communities.

But one gran-related incident last year sparked a wave of revulsion and disgust so profound the police finally had to act. In an unprovoked attack, a 70-year old with strong connections to local bingo corruption, was savagely assaulted as he left a Liscard cafe.

'It was known in the village that he was fighting for control of the local Viagra trade', said Mrs. Smegra Viley, 93, from the shelter of a low-flying police helicopter. 'But the Liscard Stenners heard about it and he was attacked as he left Elderlies in the precinct'.

The victim is still undergoing surgery to have a sharpened Zimmer frame removed from his prostate.

Thump, 43, says that pensioner crime will increase the more society turns its backs on these forgotten OG's. 'They need money and respect and they will turn to violence to get what they want,' said Rugg from the palatial extension of his superstar trailer yesterday. 'Their younger brothers, some of them still in their 60s, are bullied into joining and are forced to surrender their disability benefits, Morrisons vouchers and medication. Only by watching my programme can the world, and Wirral as a whole, ever hope to regain control of its streets again!'

Police are still trying to locate the attacker, said to be white, in his 80's and wearing a tracksuit stolen from VD Sports last year.


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