New Report Urges Reform in Sexual Assault Amenities

An alarming report has uncovered a serious lack of amenities for sexual assault victims on Merseyside and Birkenhead as a whole.

The Wirral Groan's research department, Kelly, has uncovered the stark facts, lain buried for decades, on how the sad and helplessly lonely victims of groping and worse have failed to be supported by local groups on Merseyside.

Vadge Witherspoon is a 45 year-old mother of eight who lives within walking distance of the Olde Machete Saloon in Leasowe Rd.

When she was just 44, she was made to feel moderately dis-empowered by a middle-aged relative during a impromptu seance.

Since then, her fear of sex and the supernatural has resulted in the loss of a husband and the job she loved.

'My experience isn't uncommon.' said Vadge, who has since asked that her identity and those of her four children, Hurt, Hit and Fed, be disguised.

'I found that most of my fellow victims had nowhere to meet and that there were no sexual assault support meetup groups near Birkenhead whatsoever'.

That's when Vadge decided to start up a local group, WVONSAMGW (Wirral Victims of No Sexual Assault Support Meetup Groups Whatsoever) to help those who felt that their resource network infrastructure was not being socially enabled.

Wirral MP, Shankly Hacker, who initiated the report, agrees. 'Its been difficult for victims of lack of sexual assault support groups to come forward for fear of derision by the public after the inevitable exposure when the media limelight explodes in their faces!' spat Hacker, still vulnerable after pictures of his recent public spat with Girls Akimbo singer, Mareeeesha, were sold to the Sunday Sponk for 300 quid.

The Wirral Groan contacted over 160 groups and asked if they had any special events planned for victims of lack of sexual assault support facilities but most of them were on tour or in bed.

Do you know of any Sexual Assault workshops in your area?
Would you like to meet others interested in Sexual Assault?
Are you currently on the Sex Offenders Register?

Write to our lively Wirral Groan letters page!


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