Wirral Girl Group to Launch World Tour

By out showbiz correspondent Neil Spredham

Girls Akimbo, the latest girl group to come out of the Wirral, announced plans to launch their world tour this week.

Band members, Little Joy, Hope, Mareeeshah and Prentonella spoke to the Wirral Groan, shortly after winding up rehearsals at their plush riverside studios in Neswall.

WG: You must be very excited about your tour?

Joy: Yeah, we're buzzen.

Mareeeshah: It's all gone mental since they saw me spread in the Wirral Groan last month.

Prentonella: Me ma's made up for us. I told me dad about the tour and he's going to try and get parole so he can see us!

WG: What about the critics who say you're music is just contrived and superficial?

Hope: That's wicked! I thought they didn't like us!

WG: Didn't the sudden death of all four members of your stablemates' group, 2Chix/2Dix, enable you to take their place on the tour?

Joy: Its' a wide-open opportunity for us.

Hope: Yeah, we're gagging for a chance to show off what we've got down south.

Mareeeshah: And lots of our male fans want to see us down under, too.

WG: You have fans in Australia?

Girls Akimbo: Yer wha?

Tour dates:

Jan 09, Floral Pavilion.
February 10, Elderlies, Liscard.
February 29, Deeside Leisure Centre (if still open)

Further dates to be announced.