Wirral 'brick artist' wins Art Prize

By culture correspondent Phil Istine

Birkenhead artist, Rob Meter, has become the first Wirralien to win the Turner Prize with his life-size installations of OAP’s made from LEGO.

Barmy Rob, a controversial figure on the Birkenhead cultural scene, was in London to accept the £20,000 prize. “It’s buzzin, like, but I hope me work placement integration officer isn’t watching this. I can’t imagine job Nazi’s watching Channel 4? Corries on right now.”

Rob Meter shocked the art world with a series of life-sized figures, made out of abandoned LEGO he found washed up alongside the Wirral coastline. “It took me three years to find the last piece. That 2 by 8 yellow brick was a crusade, but it was well worth it.”

His winning piece, entitled, ‘Amy Winehouse enjoys a day at the beach’, impressed the judges as a piece of ‘neo-popism’.

“Rob Meter is the black sheep of the art world. There is nothing better than awarding the prize to these unemployed, untalented and, more importantly, obnoxious young artists. It really pisses the Stuckists off!”, said Damien Burst, one of this year's Turner Prize jurors.

Meter’s creation will stay on exhibition at the Tate Modern in London until next year when he plans to take them on a massive tour of Wirral.

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