What causes facial injury?

Public awareness of, and concern for, facial safety has increased dramatically in the last few years. Official records indicate that one person in 500 suffers from a punch in the head each year, although the true figure is thought to be much, much higher.

Letts, Fleecem and Spenditt acts for a number of victims, including those who have suffered headbutts and kicks to the facial region.

What causes facial injury?

The presence of dangerous alcohol such as Lambrini, Hooch or White Lightning is thought to be responsible for most of the cases of facial injury. Also, your proximity to Wirral’s night clubs may exacerbate this condition.

Facial disfigurement can occur for a variety of reasons including unfaithfulness to a member of a violent family, semi-digested food being deposited on an unsuspecting member of the public, disinformation regarding pint ownership and poor hygiene standards in a public lavatory.

What do I do if I find myself the victim of facial injury?

If you suspect you have suffered from facial injury, it is important that you seek medical attention. This will usually mean going to see your GP. This will also assist in any subsequent legal claim, especially if he is a mate.

The Environmental Health Department of your local council has a responsibility to ensure that your head remain safe within their jurisdiction. If your head has suffered from a battering, it is important to contact them as soon as possible so that they can investigate the matter. In some cases, they may even prosecute the person responsible for kicking or punching your head, but don’t bank on it. Again, the results of any investigation by the Council may be helpful in any claim for compensation that you subsequently bring, especially if you are a mason.

Can I claim compensation for facial injury?

One of the difficulties with facial injury cases is proving that a particular source of drunken yobbo caused the health problems. Clearly, if a number of people have all suffered similar health problems and the only connection is that they all wound up a particular scally, this makes a claim much easier. Alternatively, if a sample of the scally (i.e. a trainer lace or kebab DNA) has been retained and can be tested later, this can be important evidence in a case.

The financial compensation awarded for facial injury is usually relatively modest. Remember that in addition to being compensated for the general pain and suffering, you are also likely to be able to claim for time off work or the cost of medical treatment and medicines.

If you are unable to find yourself in a position to blag compensation for facial injury, our crack team of ‘pre litigation injury facilitators’ will stop you outside your favourite hostelry and fuck you up, big time.

So, don’t delay. Mop up the blood (not too much) and get over to

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