VD Sports in staff award

Winning Zachary (right) with VDSports chairman Nick Tings (left)

Wirral based VD Sports today announced it is honoring its longest serving staff member.

Zachary Lacosty first started working at the very first branch of VD Sports back in 1952. Back then, the business started by selling imported leisure wear, confiscated from the Third Reich by allied forces, out of the back of a cart on Discard road. Today VD Sports are one of the biggest suppliers of genetically modified leisure wear in the Wirral and maybe the world.

Mr. Lacosty, a junior sales assistant, says he has never taken a day off in almost 60 years of service. “The staff discount is great, I’ve got every color variation of Addidas there is. Me mates hate me” said Mr Lacosty from the flashy Liscard showcase store. “I’m honored to get this award and hope it means I can now get above the minimum wage. But I understand times are hard right now, what with the economic downturn, locals are back to wearing only one tracksuit a fortnight.”

However, VD Sports chairman and founder, Nick Tings, remains optimistic. “With the credit crunch comes the need for comfortable and relaxing clothing. We are very proud of all of Zachary’s achievements and we are pleased to honor him with this limited edition gold threaded one piece suit”.