Newbodome Construction Steams Ahead.

Newbodome's expansion reaches Birkenhead docks this weekend.

by our architectural correspondent Wade Bridge

Residents of Wirral's Unemployment Corridor awoke this morning without the sunlight they're accustomed to pouring through their windows.

For, in just three days, Neptune developments Newbodome has reached the Egremont border with up to 150sq. miles now completed.

The staggering achievement has been made possible with radical, bleeding-edge nano-technology leading the way forward. Architect, Keith Czegwind, of Neptune Developments, explained to the Groan exactly how the dome has broken records for building construction.

'With massive investment from a generous but sinister force lurking deep within the dark societies at the heart of the New World Order, we've been able to employ methods previously thought financially untenable,' said Keith from NP's luxurious riverside offices in Seacombe. 'By using tiny nanobots to knit the web-like surface of the dome's unique roofing fabric, we should be on schedule to completely cover Rock Ferry by next Wednesday.'

The Wirral Groan attempted to interview a member of the team of nanobots currently working on the dome, but they were too small.

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