Girls Akimbo turn Birkenhead on

Wirral dignitary and celebrities gathered in Birkenhead’s luxury shopping street to celebrate the switching on of the Christmas lights.

Locals, many of them elderly, took on the arctic temperatures for a glimpse of Merseyside’s girl band sensation, Girls Akimbo. The crowd rejoiced as the girl band members flicked the big red switch, and turned the town on.

Due to budget cut backs at Wirral council this season a deal was done with local food stores, QuickTake, who have sponsored the festive carbon emission bonanza.

“We couldn’t let Birkenhead go dull this Christmas” said ecstatic Vladimir Crackovski, QuickTake marketing and eastern European business development manager. “Girls Akimbo are very wide spread in my country, I’m so happy we could facilitate them” he added.

Ten’s of locals endured freezing rain and wind, many of them joining the crowds from as far afield as Neston. “We’ve driven down from Little Neston tonight to see the Girls. We love Girls Akimbo and this way it doesn’t affect my ASBO conditions” said one happy middle aged fan that declined to give his name.

The switch flicking was followed by performances from Girls Akimbo supported by dancers from Wirral Grammar girl’s school.

Merseyside police said the event went off without arrest but were seeking the where-a-bouts of a 6 foot inflatable mule, taken from the bouncy castle nativity scene.