Catholic kids blow for success

Child stars from ‘Gone with the Wind farm’

By our crime correspondent Lance Boil

Pupils from St Peter and St Paul’s catholic school were recovering last night after being ambushed by anti-wind farm protestors, amidst what Merseyside police described as 'turbulent scenes'.

Angry protest group, Grans Against Polluted Environments (GAPE), disrupted the opening night of ‘Gone with the Wind Farm’, an environmentally-concerned play written and performed by New Brighton schoolchildren to heighten awareness of wind farm technology and global environmental armeggedons.

Up to 17 protestors were arrested at the scene for public order offences and one for public indecency as the protest group, armed with hairdryers and Chinese fans, destroyed costumes and hair styling with massive outbursts of wind.

“Our actions highlights the dangers of wind,” said GAPE regional organizer Gale Miller. “It is sick that the Catholic Church is exploiting our school children to propagate government lies regarding wind farm technology. Our digital espionage team has uncovered plans to turn Wirral into the biggest wind farm on Earth. The council plans to sell the energy created to Herberts' to power his proposed open-air steam baths development.”

“I was totally caught with my tunic up” says Father Don Brasco. “I was just backstage with one of the boys when the commotion started. All hell broke loose” he preached.

As shocked parents grappled with protestors one mother, who refused to be named, said that she wasn’t surprised at the action.

“We’ve heard rumors that the council wants to turn St Peter and St Paul’s into a central processing center for wind farm scientists. This area has had enough scientist. We don’t need outsiders coming in stealing our research grants” she bellowed.

GAPE members stormed into trouble earlier this year when six of their members scaled the 200 foot tall windmill, located on top of the old Bargain Tans Salon in Foilake village.

Merseyside police refused to comment on the action last night only saying that an investigation into the event may start as soon as January 2010.