Holy Grail found on Wirral?

Archeology buffs have been flocking to the Wirral as rumors of the location of the Holy Grail flood internet chat rooms and blogs.

Images surfaced Monday night on the popular social networking site Fistbook which claims to show the first signs of what could be the find of the millennium. Local Masons descended on the secret location located in Nebbington’s fashionable golfing quarter, in order to verify the find.

“This find could mean the security of Wirral development proposals for the next three millennia,” said Flogg Harshly, Grand Master of the Nebbington Lodge, from the window of his chauffeur-driven X-type Jaguar.

World leaders demanded restraint last night, calling on Wirral council to take drastic measures in order to secure the find for global religious and elderly groups.

“If this is the Grail, then it will ensure future employment for up to 7 people”, said Gary Forks, Wirral council leader. “I’d like to see these protestors faces when I open the Grail box from the balcony of the town hall next Wednesday” he added in a German accent.

Groan staff tried to contact veteran Welsh archeologist, Prestatyn Jones, who originally posted the image on his Fistbook profile. Mr. Jones was unavailable for comment and has not been seen online or at his local tanning salon since the discovery was first made public.

A spokesperson for Wirral’s cardboard police unit said they were taking measures to secure the site, but crumpled when questioned about shadowy new world order links to the disappearance of Mr Jones.

Have you seen the Holy Grail? Have your local elderly suddenly gained a new lease of ever-lasting life? Contact the Wirral Groan today.