Panto Mega-stars Back Care Home

by our Showbiz correspondent, Neil Spredham

Celebrities were out in force last weekend when top panto stars bequeathed a stunning gift to a local nursing home.

Fans of pantomime stood back in awe at the weekend as stage legends, Ken Dodd, Pete Pric and Cpt. Steve Shitharg, fresh from their yuletide victory at the Floral Pavilion, came backstage to wish well-wishers well.

The three stars, currently appearing in the sell-out panto, Prats of the Caribbean, were dressed to impress when they stepped into the glare of press flashbulbs to donate $50,000 to their favourite Merseyside care facility (Grandry Homes for the Incontinent and Elderly) with Doddy elegant in a blue Armani, Shitharg deadly in a nehru-collared leather jump-suit and Pric, homely in a crimplene two-piece bequeathed to him by the Queen Mother.

Grandry have been in the forefront of care for the elderly since their creation in 1919 and have recently won several awards for their ultra-fast cleaning and feeding machines. Their high profile has led to several celebrity endorsements with Pete Pric just one of many who have signed up with Grandry for their retirement needs.

Ken Dodd is also a fan of the home and claims Ricky Tomlinson now spends most of his time between supermarket opening engagements at the home on the Wirral. 'It's the isolation from the bullshit and hullabaloo of the Merseyside celebrity scene that appeals to me', said Doddy over a pipe backstage on Saturday. 'Ricky Tommo turned me onto the place and now I go there to relax whenever the paparazzi are onto me'.

The cheque, presented here by Wirral Groan editor-in-chief, Michelle Suit, is made up from donations from fans and tax-payers and is to be invested in a profitable cod fisherie in Reykyavik.