Obamania Hits Wirral!

By our current affairs correspondent, Ewan M. Bargough

Lunch-time shoppers and jobless men rejoiced when President elect, Barack Obama, visited Merseyside yesterday. In his address to his many supporters at the West Birkenhead African Women's Centre, he thanked them for their tireless campaigning on his behalf in the Prenton and Tranmere districts before collecting donations left since his last visit in 2006.

Wirral Groan journalist and part-time drug rehabilitationist, Falik Lunj, was there to hand over the sum of £400 in Monopoly money and two confiscated credit cards. 'It's a great day,' said Lunj, 77. 'Not only for Africa but for the region as a whole.'

Police say further donations, which have been previously invested in foreign fisheries, have yet to be discovered.


30 November 2008 at 12:30 BRUTE! said...

It's about time Wirral took a step back and took a good long look at these 'artists' and what damage they are doing to the economy, the environment and the community as a whole. The New Brighton Clown has now, with the price of specialised anti-corrosive treatments soaring, cost the Wirral tax-payer £12 million per annum.
When will this vile trade be abolished?