Inside Camp X-Box

Wirral Borough Council has released several official photographs of inmates in the prison camp at Hilbre Island, where they are holding 110 suspected members of the new breed of hybrid ‘superscals’ that are plaguing the region.

The pictures, which initial reports suggested were taken as the prisoners tried to eat the security fencing, sparked admiration amongst locals. Some human rights groups deemed the pictures were reminiscent of scenes of torture during the Cold War. Wirral Borough Council argues that the captives are being treated far more severely, stressing that they are extremely dangerous.

The prisoners are being detained in temporary open-sided wire cells until a permanent facility has been constructed. Sized 1.8m by 2.4m, these have been described as 'kennels' and 'cages' by Human Rights Groups but were dubbed ' 5 star accommodation’ by supporters.

Unfortunately the prisoners are not shackled when they are inside their cells and are allowed to roam around free range. But when they are moved around the camp, for delousing or beatings, they are restrained at a 'level appropriate for the person' - which may include hand and leg shackles.

Images of rabid hybrid ‘superscals’ have ignited international jubilation in the fight against international scallydum.


  • Breakfast followed by 'morning beating and time to think about what they've done’
  • Doctor visits to apply salt to wounds
  • Lunch followed by ‘afternoon beating’
  • Exercise period (includes some beating)
  • Mail call – crayons and plasticine are provided, letters may be written under exceptional circumstances, beatings are administered afterwards.
  • Evening meal followed by ‘goodnight beating’


20 November 2008 at 14:15 Boz said...

My granny was killed by an XBox suicide bomber as she was coming out of the chippy on Scotty rd. Gordon Browne has got to do something about it. It's the best chippy in the Pool and now it's covered in claret and bone chippings. Hanging is too good for those little bastards, we should bring back the Guillotine, like we did with the Germans. after the war.