Community rallies round Keith

Rock Ferry residents have rallied round in support of Keith Graham, the Wirral youth whose appeal in last week’s paper brought home the plight of others facing a lifetime of misery.

Keith, who has been diagnosed with terminal Pisstaker’s Syndrome, was due to undertake a miracle cure but the overall cost of flying him to America, the only place in the world that treats PS, proved to be prohibitive. PS, which renders sufferers incapable of the slightest movement, has had little press, leading some medical experts to doubt its validity.

Betty Graham, Mark’s mum, spoke yesterday in an impassioned plea to the medical fraternity. ‘Our Mark is practically a vegetable,’ wept Betty at the door of their modern semi overlooking Laird’s yesterday. ‘Most days, he is only capable of moving his thumbs so it’s a 24-7 job looking after him.’ Mark’s illness also means that he has to have a special diet. ‘He can’t eat solids so we have to make a mush of pizza and cider. It’s the only thing he can get down.’ Betty also blamed Arrowe Park Hospital for their negligence in diagnosing the illness.

‘He just wasn’t getting the right treatment. They confiscated his Playstation and his crack pipe was allowed to go out.’ A specialist in the States was found and agreed to operate on Mark. Originally, Wirral Special Needs Initiative was to foot the bill but when 300 people realised that they too had PS the WSNI withdrew the funding. However, due to the fund-raising efforts of the Rock Ferry Residents Association, Mark may be flying to Florida after all. ‘Only in America do they have the facilities to treat Mark properly,’ said the Graham’s GP. ‘There they have the latest Lazy-Boy recliners, games consoles and burgers. I’ve a feeling this disease could reach epidemic proportions in the coming months.’


17 November 2008 at 21:53 Wibby said...

Disgusted from Wallasey ... My Horse drops smaller ones than that boys picture.

It is obviously a guilting excersise to sell our pets to the king street Tandi!

I for one will not be eating there again.......... on weekdays unless they are sellng Shidel Shami kebabs.


Mrs/Mr B.Woodhouse

P.S P.S means postscript.