Iceland burns and takes council budget with it

By staff reporter & agencies

The Liscard branch of Iceland frozen food stores burnt to the ground Wednesday night, in what police are describing as ‘suspicious circumstances’. Police and fire services were called to the discount frozen food store after a call from local resident Wlodek Bankyskov.

“Wszystkiego Najlepszego z okazji Dnia Mamy” said Bankyskov, a migrant worker from Poland. Mr Bankysov was on his way to complete his night shift at ASDA when he saw the blazing deep frozen goods.

Officers from Birkenhead fire station battled hard to extinguish the blaze which took over 2 hours to control. “It was a serious fire” said Long Drainage of Merseyside fire brigade. “By the time we’d put the fire out all the chicken nuggets were burnt badly. Luckily the Kernal had some BBQ sauce in the truck” he added.

Merseyside police refused to comment on potential motives or suspects. Sergent Mike Taser spoke at a short press conference outside of Wilikies, just a few yards from the devastated Iceland.

“We cannot at this stage rule out arson or accidental causes. Fire experts are still investigating if any accelerants were used to create the devastating fire. The source of the fire is thought to have been an ignited case of curly turkey fries. We've also been informed by the Mayor that Wirral Council had been storing their entire budget for 2009 inside one of the freezers at the back of the store”.

No members of Wirral Borough council were available for comment last night saying “that’s why mums gone to Iceland”.